The Merging of All Technologies

  1.  Artificial Intelligence
  2. Voice Control
  3. Gesture Control
  4. Facial Recognition
  5. Virtual Reality 
  6. Intelligent OS
  7. 8D Search Engine
  8. Nuclear Fission
  9. Anti Gravity

Back since 2012, I had a vision of an airplane that is so advance that you do not need controls, it is controlled by voice and gesture. Today we have the start of new technologies which will be merged together that is more than 50 years ahead of our time. An on board computer that is so advanced it is powered by the Intelligent OS, And a 3D Search engine that can be activated by voice or gesture. We are now at the start of this journey, where 50  years later you will see everything come to life. Not only airplanes can be controlled this way, cars can also. Whoever invests in these technologies will never lose out. It will be fulfilled in a matter of time.

Contributed by Oogle.