China to relax it’s censors?

BEIJING (REUTERS) – For nearly two hours on Sunday, dissident artist Ai Weiwei was able to maintain a Twitter-like microblog account, briefly raising hopes the Chinese government had relaxed some of its tight control over online expression.
Ai’s first microblog post said: ‘Testing. Ai Weiwei. March 18, 2012.’ Ai’s account on Sina, the operator of China’s most popular microblogging platform, drew 10,680 followers in that brief period, he told Reuters on Monday, including the jubilant-sounding comment: ‘The moment has come. The skies have changed in China.’ Shortly afterwards, however, the account was inaccessible, apparently deleted by government censors.
Ai is a prominent social critic who was detained without charge last year for 81 days until his conditional release in late June. He said he used his social security number to register the microblog account after discovering that his name was unexpectedly no longer blocked.

The New Frontiers – A Brain 1000 times your present capacity

The New Frontiers – A Brain 1000 times your present capacity

If yo understand God’s plan you will understand
In the New Millenium
Your productivity will increase 1000 times
Because your brain capacity will increase 1000 times
The old ways of using memory capacity is limited
New technologies will teach you how to manage
Troubleshoot and problem solving
Your brain cells will never age
God will protect your rice bowl
Because every individual will be different
A job for everyone till you are old
Peace and prosperity for everyone.

– Contributed by Oogle.