We, the 99% of Singaporeans are the greatest losers

February 9th, 2012 | Author: Contributions
What is the role of a modern government? A lot of people say this PAP-led government is growing the economy every year. Its pro-business stance has also attracted a lot of MNCs to open offices here, but how has this actually benefited the citizens who voted for this government? Has our standard of living improved across all classes? How has our median household income changed over the years? In other words, a steady GNP growth means absolutely nothing if none of the above has improved much!
I can easily understand the pro-business rather than pro-Singaporeans stance. Most of the PAP MPs are directors of many businesses. When the company pays you director fees, don’t you have to “ENCOURAGE” the government to be pro-business? This is why the government has been so keen in bringing in foreign labor to help businesses keep their costs low and profits historically high! The fact that this depresses wages and forces Singaporeans out of the job market is not a concern of these politicians at all!
To make matters worse, they have the audacity to turn around and say that Singaporeans are choosey when it comes to job hunt! Hello, if you are willing to pay $2,500 for a road sweeper, don’t tell me you can’t find a local to fill the vacancy! The truth is, real wages in Singapore have been depressed while our millionaire politicians keep asking for more to be paid to them!
I have no qualms if this was a RESPONSIBLE government who, though being pro-business uses the fat profits generated by these big corporations and gives it back to the community. But as all of the statistics have shown, we have the highest penetration rate of millionaires here (virtually 1 in 10 of us is a millionaire) and the disparity in the distribution of income is at its all-time great! This effectively means ONLY business owners have profited and not the rest of the population!
So, what should a RESPONSIBLE government do? The current flat rate of 17% corporate tax is over-simplistic! In order to protect interests of Singaporeans, a 4-tier corporate tax rate structure should be applied.

% of SingaporeansEmployed Corporate TaxRate %
90 – 100 17
80 – 89 20
70 – 79 30
0 – 69 35

This means that the incentive for companies to hire locally will be there in terms of tax savings. If they want to employ cheap labor, then they will have to cough out more profits to fund social projects for us.
I have but only one wish for this year’s Budget and this is it. But of course, like what I have said in the past, the government does not give a “Damned” to layperson on the street. Even if you are jobless or floating in Bedok Reservoir, they will never, ever be bothered. There is no Dr Toh in the current Parliament! My only hope is for the other 60 percent of Singaporeans to wake up and smell the roses. Make our vote count! Make sure we vote in a pro-Singaporean government in the next election!
Matthew Chua
If this inequality of incomes between Singaporeans and FTs is not resolved soon, and the Singapore Government continue its ways, ignoring the cries of Singaporeans and affecting their rice bowls, you will face the frustrations of every Singaporeans worst than the “Occupy Wall Street” movements and be displaced in the 2016 elections.
– Contributed by Oogle.


Author: Gilbert Tan TS

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