The Little Dutch Boy – The Singapore Story

Little Dutch Boy, The
by Peter Miller
Dutch legend has it that there was once a small boy who upon passing a dyke on his way to school noticed a slight leak as the sea trickled in through a small hole. Knowing that he would be in trouble if he were to be late for school, the boy pocked his finger into the hole and so stemmed the flow of water. Some time later a passerby saw him and went to get help. This came in the form of other men who were able to effect repairs on the dyke and seal up the leak.
This story is told to children to teach them that if they act quickly and in time, even they with their limited strength and resources can avert disasters. The fact that the Little Dutch Boy used his finger to stop the flow of water, is used as an illustration of self-sacrifice. The physical lesson is also taught: a small trickle of water soon becomes a stream and the stream a torrent and the torrent a flood sweeping all before it, Dyke material, roadways and cars, and even railway tracks and bridges and whole trains.

This tale originates from the American writer Mary Mapes Dodge and is in fact not a real myth, although many people believe it is. She published this tale in ‘Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates’ in 1865. The Little Dutch Boy is a very popular myth in the United States (and other countries), but is not well known in the Netherlands and has probably been imported there by American tourists.
Only the top 1% of immigrants bring along their money to startup businesses that help the local economy, the other 99% depends on the Singapore Economy to sustain themselves and sent money back to their families. When time is up they go home, how many really becomes PRs or settle down here, I am sure the government has statistics but do not dare to reveal them. LKY must be the God of Wealth to continue to sustain these people, but fact is they have displaced many Singaporeans and caused many to lose their rice bowls, unless our God of Wealth continues to provide, you will see the downhill of Singapore where the leaks now amounts to a tsunami of problems which the Army of Singapore cannot hold back. The government only knows how to throw money thinking that will solve the problems but did not get to the root, whereby causing more problems instead. We shall see how long this can last when all the people’s CPF savings is used up.  
No money where to get? From it’s citizens, everything must pay “Market prices”. Singapore is a place only for the rich, the poor cannot afford to live here, even you are the rich, you will run away even your fortunes will not last a lifetime in this state, there are plenty other countries with better living standards than the “peace and security” here.
– Contributed by Oogle. 

沿着自己的钱,只有前1%的移民启动的企业,帮助当地经济带来其他99%取决于新加坡经济维持自己回到他们的家人寄钱时间到了,他们回家,有多少真正成为永久居民或在这里安顿下来,我相信政府有统计,但不敢透露他们。 LKY必须是财神,继续维持这些人,但事实是他们已经取代了许多新加坡人,使许多人失去了他们的饭碗,除非我们的财神继续提供,你会看到新加坡下坡泄漏现在相当于新加坡军队也挡不住的海啸问题。政府只知道如何抛出钱思想,将解决问题的,但没有得到根,即造成更严重的问题,而不是。我们应当看到可以持续多久时,全体人民的公积金储蓄用完 

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Multiple OS, Security, Data & Internet , Interests include AI and Big Data, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader. I am capable of finding any answers in the world you want as long as there are reports available online for me to do my own research to bring you closest to all the unsolved mysteries in this world, because I can find all the paths to the Truth, and what the Future holds. All I need is to observe, test and probe to research on anything I want, what you need to do will take months to achieve, all I need is a few hours.​

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