Singapore Inc will never be welcomed by Globalisation

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But Singapore hardly compares to Hong Kong or Shanghai as the fulcrum of thrusting Asian commerce. True, the region’s tycoons like to discreetly park their billions there but if you want a piece of Asia’s real growth, to invest in our backyard’s chunky markets – India, China, Japan and perhaps Indonesia – one goes direct. Or to Hong Kong, a far more attractive proposition given Australia’s trade and foreign investment profile than tiny Singapore. For a city-state constantly fretting about its long-term viability, the Lees need Australian heft more than vice versa.

Australia isn’t the first country to discover and rule that an investment by Singapore Inc entities such as Temasek Holdings carries heavy state baggage – a de facto nationalisation by a foreign government, as it was once described in Bangkok by no less a figure as the Thai finance minister, railing against Temasek’s $4 billion purchase of former the PM Thaksin Shinawatra’s media empire.
Singapore Inc treads warily across the Asian region, where economic nationalism is in far healthier bloom than it is in Australia, one of the world’s more open investment regimes. Singaporean investment is welcome in Asia, but only to a point and rarely to control, lest it bump up against the same cosy politico-corporate networks as, well, Singapore, where an Australian proposal to buy the SGX or Singapore Airlines would never happen.
Infamously litigious, official Singapore insists that Temasek and its sister government entities are not government at all, that they operate entirely independently and should be judged by the market as a Microsoft or a GE. Yet when commentators and the market note the 100 per cent state ownership, the common directors, the crossover links between state and mammon, the prickly government bites back – not the ”independent” Temasek company but muddle-headed bureaucrats. Critiquing Microsoft doesn’t hazard a reprimand from the White House.
Singaporeans aren’t about to crowd Orchard Road as Egyptians did Tahrir Square but there is palpable disquiet about these cosy networks, loss-making deals, bad bets, the relative lack of transparency, the spin. They don’t much like that the PM’s wife controls their nest eggs at Temasek, which is almost impossible to compete against. It doesn’t take a particular vigorous trawl through Singapore’s (anonymous) social media to see that they’d like change in the institutions they fund. Wayne Swan may have just done Singapore Inc a favour, if it cares to listen.

Unless Singapore Leaders wake to the facts and invest back in Singapore, Singapore Inc will never be welcomed by Globalisation, where there is no freedom of speech or expression in an authoritive government, even the embrace of Free Trade will bring it prosperity but with money with no social values, it will only benefit the state but not it’s citizens, no other governments will relinquish control of essential resources, Singapore Inc will only survive in the minds of the old economy. Singapore will always remain a little red dot unless it changes its political structure to fit into the global economy.

– Contributed by Oogle.

但是,新加坡很难比较香港或上海作为助推亚洲贸易的支点。诚然,该地区的富豪要谨慎公园有自己的数十亿美元,但如果你想一块亚洲的实际增长,投资在我们的后院的矮胖市场 – 印度,中国,日本,也许印尼 – 一个直接去。或到香港,澳大利亚的比微小的新加坡贸易和对外投资概况的一个更为吸引人的命题。对于一个城市国家,其长期生存能力的不断心乱,酒糟需要比澳大利亚,反之亦然分量更多。澳大利亚是没有发现和规则,由新加坡淡马锡控股公司等实体的投资进行重状态的行李 – 一个由外国政府事实上的国有化,不低于这个数字,因为它曾经是描述在曼谷的第一个国家泰国财政部长,对淡马锡40亿美元购买前下午他信西那瓦的媒体帝国的栏杆。新加坡公司小心翼翼地踏在整个亚洲地区,经济民族主义是比它在澳大利亚,世界更加开放的投资制度之一是健康的绽放。新加坡投资在亚洲的欢迎,但只有到一个点,很少去控制,以免撞到相同的舒适政治企业网络,以及,新加坡,澳大利亚的建议购买新交所或新加坡航空公司将永远不会发生。臭名昭著诉讼,新加坡官方坚持,淡马锡及其姊妹政府实体不是政府所有,他们完全独立操作,应该由市场来判断,作为一个微软或通用电气。然而,当评论家和市场100%的国家所有权,共同董事,状态和财神之间的交叉链接,花椒政府叮咬 – 不是“独立”淡马锡的公司,但糊涂的官僚们的注意。 Microsoft不批判危险从白宫谴责。新加坡人不是人群乌节路埃及人塔里尔广场,但有关于这些温馨的网络扪不安,亏损的交易,糟糕的赌注,相对缺乏透明度,旋转。他们不很像,下午的妻子控制在淡马锡,这几乎是不可能抗衡的巢卵。它并不需要通过新加坡的社会化媒体(匿名)的一个特别有力的拖网,看到他们想改变他们基金的机构。斯旺可能只是做新加坡公司的青睐,如果它关心收听。除非新加坡领导人唤醒的事实,并在新加坡投资,新加坡公司将永远不会被全球化,那里没有一个权威的政府的言论或表达自由,即使自由贸易的怀抱欢迎会带来繁荣,但与钱没有社会价值,它不仅有利于国家,但不是它的公民,没有其他国家的政府将放弃控制必要的资源,新加坡公司将只能存活在旧的经济头脑。新加坡将始终保持一个小红点,除非它改变其政治体制,融入全球经济。
– 提供者Oogle。

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Multiple OS, Security, Data & Internet , Interests include AI and Big Data, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader. I am capable of finding any answers in the world you want as long as there are reports available online for me to do my own research to bring you closest to all the unsolved mysteries in this world, because I can find all the paths to the Truth, and what the Future holds. All I need is to observe, test and probe to research on anything I want, what you need to do will take months to achieve, all I need is a few hours.​

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