The Elusive Singapore Dream ; Can we reach Swiss Standard of Living?

January 19th, 2012 | Author: Contributions
We were once promised Swiss Standard of living , and we are still waiting for it. Years have gone by, what happened?
While it was a statement made by a “statesman” wonder why he did not achieve it and deliver as promised.
Were we taken for a ride  or was it just a mere saying, we do not know, but , one thing is for sure.
“A promised not delivered to the citizens”.
Today that “statesman” is living in a Swiss Standard Of Living, while we the very citizens who believed him and voted him in are in dire straits.

Even, if it was not delivered as promised, this very “statesman” could have easily given us or approved a MINIMUM WAGE SCHEME ,he never did either.
Today, when the wages of the ministers were revised, still drawing millions, we are left waiting for the Swiss Standrad Of Living, and screaming our lungs out for the  minimum wage scheme.
Nothing seems to happen or progress either,and we are in the year 2012.
Either they are deaf , dumb or simply ignorant, we do not know, but, one thing they have to know.
While we the very citizens made the very sacrifices absorbing the impact of recession etc…and the high cost of living and still living below the on par wages for a 1st world nation ,  they are simply rewarded their exorbitant salaries.
Unique Singapore!
Dead Horse
PS…This article was written with the simplest of English so that all citizens of all walks of life, could comprehend.
The Elusive Singapore Dream ; Can we reach Swiss Standard of Living?

There is only one way out to achieve this goal, that is to sacrifice the scared cow by privating all HDB flats in a systematic way, and changing the rules of use that is enacted in Parliament to prevent the use of HDB flats as security, thereby closing the doors to PAP to get cheap loans by hoarding on to people’s HDB flats and CPF savings, Singapore Inc already made billions by the massive amounts of taxes it levy on its citizens, isn’t it time to fulfill it’s promises to it’s “asset enhancement” schemes, by returning prosperity to it’s citizens, nobody expects a handout, but return what Singaporean’s contributions back to it’s people, in order to justify your enormous ministerial paycheck, or you deserve your pay to be pegged to the lowest 20%.

– Contributed by Oogle.




Author: Gilbert Tan TS

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