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Hualong One reactor is outdated in design, you can always study the new concept and redesign it


The Hualong One, also known as Hualong-1 or HPR1000, is a Chinese pressurized water nuclear reactor design.[2] The Hualong One was developed by the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGNPG) and the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) based on the ACPR1000 and the ACP1000 designs. Both are three-loop designs originally based on the same French design.[3]

In early 2014 it was announced that the merged design was moving from preliminary design to detailed design. Power output will be 1170 MWe gross, 1090 MWe net, with a 60-year design life, and would use a combination of passive and active safety systems with a double containment.[1] Initially the merged design was to be called the ACC1000,[4][5][6] but ultimately it was named Hualong One, Hualong-1 or HPR1000.[1][7] In August 2014 the Chinese nuclear regulator review panel classified the design as a Generation III reactor design, with independently owned intellectual property rights.[8][9][10]



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